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DaySmart Salon allows you to manage your business all in one place, free up your time and help your business grow.

  • Organize Daily Operations- Appointment Book, Salon/Client Management and Payroll Calculations 
  • Streamline Client Communications- Automated Text Reminders, Text/Email Marketing and 2-Way Texting 
  • Expand Your Brand- Online Booking, Mobile Apps, Reputation Management and Integrated Payments 

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Let your day start with DaySmart.

Running a successful salon doesn't have to mean running your yourself into the ground.

Our technology will empower your staff, automate communication and speed your workflow. So, you can spend less time on tedious tasks and grow your business more.

Everything you need to manage your business in one place.

Online Booking

reputation management
Reputation Management

Financial Reporting

Client Database

Credit Card Processing

Appointment Reminders

Text Marketing

Two Way Texting

Payroll Calculations

Customer Stories

Your success is our priority
Rated 5 stars
  • We estimate that by using the appointment reminders, text confirmations and taking online deposits for certain services, using DaySmart Salon has reduced our losses due to "no shows" by more than half. That's thousands in a typical year for us.
    Corinne Daniels Salon Moxie / Manager
  • We also use automated communication capabilities. The text reminders and appointment confirmations not only help us feel closer to our clients, but it also means my team doesn’t have to worry about calling ahead of the appointment anymore.
    Rob Burgio
    Rob Tesoro Tesoro / Owner
  • We promote online booking on our website Facebook and Instagram pages. It’s particularly nice when people who are new to town are looking up salon in the area. They notice we have online booking—it sets us apart—and helps us capture new clients because of the convenience.
    Kate Poole
    Kate Poole Vici Hair Salon & Beauty Bar / Owner

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