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  • 7 Ways to Improve Salon Retail Sales

    salon retail

    Services are the core of a salon’s business, but increasing your salon retail sales will help you to quickly increase your revenue without even working hard to bring more clients in the door. Whether your salon already sells merchandise or you are considering adding a retail section in your salon, here are a few ways to improve retail sales.

  • Salon Retail Sales Boost Business & Credibility

    Salon Retail

    We have a great way that you can boost your salon's credibility and increase revenue. It's so obvious, you'll probably be surprised you hadn't realized it sooner!

  • 11 Great Small Business Tools from Google

    Small Business Tools

    We’re always looking for new small business tools to help you grow. Today’s post focuses on the internet giant Google. In fact, you may have heard of or use some of Google’s consumer services like Gmail, Drive, or Maps. Meanwhile, Google has been working hard creating small business tools too. After a lot of research and some ‘googling’, we’ve put together a list of some of the best small business tools from Google.