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Consult With Your Clients Via Video Chat

Conduct pre-visit color consultations or use it check-in on clients, have re-booking discussions, or even paid 1:1 consultations.

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Common Questions

  • Any web-enabled and internet-connected device can access your unique Tele-Consultation booking page. Your salon must be running either the current cloud or desktop version of DaySmart Salon. Desktop users will also need a Remote Access license (normally $9/mo) that can be added at no charge by contacting Sales. Access to a working, internet-connected webcam is necessary for both the client and the stylist at the time of the call.

  • There is currently no integration with our credit card processing partners. However, consultation payments can be processed as ‘card not present’ transactions though the merchant portal or on your processing terminal/POS.

  • Because of the urgency presented by the pandemic, DaySmart Salon fast-tracked its Tele-Consultation feature. It is a single user service at this time. We may include multi-user functionality in future versions. Remember, tele consolation appointments appear under the Consults tab.

  • There is obviously real value to tightly integrating this service with the client database, appointment book, inventory and payment systems, as well as extending it to run with online booking or through our mobile applications. DaySmart takes cues from our customers – if you like a feature or would like to see it deployed in other ways, we’d love to hear about it.

How it works

Within this new module, you will first have to set your availability for consultations, briefly describe your consultation services and complete your setup, which will generate your unique consultation web page. You can then share this web address with your clients via an email message, text campaign or social media posting. Making the booking request page public is the first step to receiving consultation requests. These requests will then appear in your Consults tab. Here you can review, approve or reject your pending consultation requests. Approved requests become consultation appointments and you can initiate those phone calls from within this tab at the appointed time.

No shows? No chance.

At the time of the call, you can contact your client by clicking the phone icon in the pending calls list and you’ll be connected to your client. During the tele-consultation, you’ll see the client details section to the right which contains the following sections:

Contact Your Clients

Notes – Create notes during the consultation here. You’ll also see any comments submitted by the client. Image – If the client uploaded a photo it will appear in this tab. Chat – During the call, you can also chat with the client. Client Form – The client will submit a form answering basic questions about the condition of their hair. Email – Enter a message to send the client a direct email.

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