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Grant or Limit Employee Access

You retain control over Daysmart Salon by limiting account access through account permissions. Account permissions limit how much employees can see within and interact with DaySmart Salon software.  Account permissions are set by you and automatically enforced. But, don’t worry, you can adjust or change account permissions at any time.

Easy Employee Scheduling

Set up employee schedules in minutes with DaySmart Salon. Track vacation, sick, and personal days so you’ll never have to guess which employees are available again! You can even set schedules up to recur, making schedule management headache-free.

Track Your Inventory and Sales

DaySmart Salon gives you everything you need to make managing your inventory quick and easy. You’ll get an active products list with all the necessary details—size, stock count, supplier, category, brand—and be able to prioritize according to favorite products for quicker checkouts.

Take the Pain Out of Payroll

DaySmart Salon’s payroll system is as powerful as it is easy to set up and use. Plus, it incorporates your sales. All you need to do is set it up one time and print checks on payday.

Commission and Bonus

DaySmart Salon adjusts to your commission structure and makes it simple to add in bonuses. With this flexibility, you can easily begin using commissions to encourage sales or offering other creative incentives to keep your salon’s chairs full.

Features that keep small businesses moving

DaySmart Salon provides proven, flexible, and affordable solutions for scheduling, inventory, payments, marketing and more. If you're a salon owner or manager, you should let your day start with DaySmart.