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Organize Your Nail Salon

Manage Walk-In Clients Automatically

Acknowledge every customer the moment they walk in. The DaySmart Salon Kiosk will greet your customers, schedule appointments, and check them in. Start a subscription by June 17th to get 2 months of DaySmart Salon FREE along with the free DaySmart Salon Kiosk App, data migration and support, and credit card processing device.

*Only compatible with Apple iPads

Start a subscription by June 17th to get 2 months of DaySmart Salon plus more, FREE!

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The Perfect Bundle for Nail Salons

Bundle the DaySmart Salon Solution with the free walk-in manager kiosk app, free data migration, and support, along with your very own credit card processing device. Streamline the walk-in customer experience and free upfront desk resources with tools built to help you manage your business efficiently.

Let The Kiosk Do The Work For You

Allow walk-in customers to independently create new appointments without having to connect with a front desk staff member.

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Data Migration and Support

Easily migrate your customer data to the kiosk app with free data migration and support from the DaySmart Salon team.

Credit Card Processing Device

Along with your kiosk app, accept cards (at great rates) in no time with your free credit card processing device.

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