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Create and Send Custom Online Forms Within Minutes

Our customizable drag and drop online form builder will save your business and clients precious time, limit close contact, and streamline valuable data collection!

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Keep safe and limit close contact by sending COVID screenings prior to face-to-face visits

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Ensure applicable services are compliant and clients understand the risks and rules involved

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Streamline data collection by gathering valuable client information and updating records

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Easy To Use Drag and Drop Builder

Form Builder

Create new forms within minutes with our easy-to-use form builder with customizable color themes to suit your brand. Choose from a variety of custom fields including multiple-choice, single choice, dropdown, scales, date/time, short/long answers, signature capture, and make them required or optional. Drag and drop applicable fields into your template and organize your new form with relevant headers, paragraphs, and separators. Preview your forms in our responsive designer for mobile and desktop devices to ensure you have the correct fields and format!

Effortless Integration With Clients & Services

Form Integration

Form built and ready to send? Set up form requirements and integrate them with your client records and services. For each form created, you can select from the following options: Form is not required Form is required each time an appointment is booked Form is required only the first time an appointment is booked If selecting one of the ‘form is required’ options, you can then pick which services require the form or leave it unchecked for all.

Stay Compliant – Never Miss a Form

Easy Overview

From the forms tab, see at a glance all of your online forms with form names, status, number of responses, and date created. When adding a new appointment, if forms are required for that given appointment and the client has not previously filled in the required form, an alert will show on the appointment until the form has been completed by the client.

Send Forms Via Text or Email

Quick & Easy Sending

Quickly and easily send the required online form to the client from the appointment book by email, text, or both – the choice is yours! Under individual client records, you’ll be able to easily view which forms have been completed by the client so you can save time on arrival and ensure your business is a complaint.

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  • We calculated that DaySmart Software had saved us over 50,000 dollars since we started using them in 2015
  • We calculated that DaySmart Software had saved us over 50,000 dollars since we started using them in 2015
  • We calculated that DaySmart Software had saved us over 50,000 dollars since we started using them in 2015

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