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Catch clients in their inboxes with specials, promotions, and info they won't see anywhere else.

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DaySmart Salon comes with an array of professional resources that allow you to quickly and easily promote your business.

Increased client engagement leads to increased revenue. Sending automated emails lets you you boost opportunities for client engagement without investing a ton of your or your staff’s time. DaySmart Salon comes complete with easy-to-use templates or you can create your own.

Email campaigns work great for:

  • Recognizing client birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events
  • Thanking clients for visiting and inviting them back
  • Promoting specials, in-store demonstrations, or guest stylists
  • Raising awareness of products and services offered or new products or services
  • Running We Miss You campaigns for clients you haven’t seen in a while
  • And much, much more

Set It and Forget It


Want to run a marketing campaign for one week? How about for the whole year? No problem.

With DaySmart Salon, you can schedule marketing campaigns to run whenever you want, for as long as you want. Give your growth strategy the boost it needs!

Just Hit Replay

Automated Recurring Marketing

Why settle for one great marketing campaign when you can run it again and again and again?

With DaySmart Salon’s automated recurring marketing feature, you don’t have to worry. Choose a campaign, set the schedule to recur, and let DaySmart Salon take it from there.

Market More Effectively

Marketing Optimization

DaySmart Salon provides you with the data you’ll need to run outstanding campaigns that optimize your salon marketing efforts and produce maximum growth. See all your active, recurring, and one-time campaign activity in easy-to-read reports that let you use and apply the data collected by DaySmart Salon.

Features that keep small businesses moving

DaySmart Salon provides proven, flexible, and affordable solutions for scheduling, inventory, payments, marketing and more. If you're a salon owner or manager, you should let your day start with DaySmart.