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A modern salon appointment book - with features you’ll love.

DaySmart Salon—so much more than scheduling.

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Meet your modern appointment book...

It’s time to ditch pen and paper and modernize your operation with DaySmart Salon. It’s your new digital appointment book and so much more. Run your salon from the palm of your hand. Let your clients book online anytime. And, give your staff remote access to their schedules.

DaySmart Salon is proven salon management software that saves you time by automating workflows and simplifying client communications.  You can use that time to focus on what matters most—superior client experiences, growing your business, and investing in yourself.

Book smarter. Not harder.

When it’s this easy to manage appointments, they practically book themselves. Need to add appointments manually? Just open DaySmart Salon and add clients to your schedule. No more flipping pages or juggling appointment books.

No shows? No chance.

Send automatic reminders to ensure clients remember appointments. Text reminders dramatically reduce no-show rates and improve your bottom line, too.

Make it your own.

From color-coding to smart filters, tailor your DaySmart Salon experience. Decide which days to view, which employees to list and see what you need to see all in one dashboard.

Keep customers coming back.

Easily schedule repeat customers with recurring appointments. Simply enter the information once and let DaySmart Salon handle the rest.

Features that keep small businesses moving

DaySmart Salon provides proven, flexible, and affordable solutions for scheduling, inventory, payments, marketing and more. If you're a salon owner or manager, you should let your day start with DaySmart.