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Salon Software For Booth Renters

Powerful, Comprehensive, and Easy-to-Use Salon Software for Booth Renters

You started renting a salon booth because you wanted to take control of your destiny, our salon software for booth renters was created especially for you and won’t break the bank! For just $29/mo we can provide you with all the tools you need to grow your clientele, reduce no shows, and improve customer service!

Booth Renters: Run Your Business Smarter

Daysmart Salon for booth renters makes scheduling fast and easy from any device!

  • Say goodbye to your paper scheduling book. Color coding lets you see your appointments at a glance, making it easy to schedule new appointments and adjust to changes.
  • See your schedule on any device. Our mobile apps have all the features you need to add, book, and check out clients, but its features don’t end there – it’s like a mini version of Daysmart Salon, right in your pocket
  • Easy confirmation and check-in. Drag and drop appointments to suit your schedule, check clients in and out from any device, filter your calendar by specific clients, and easily choose which days you want to view.

Expand Your Brand & Cut Down on No-Shows

Our booth renter software has many different options to help you market your business and grow – win new clients, expand your brand, and keep attracting repeat business!

  • Create email/text marketing campaigns. Send targeted promotions, including coupons, discounts, and information on new products. Discover which campaigns work with open rate visibility and repeat those campaigns to keep customers coming back.
  • Automated reminders. No show means no money – our software for booth renters enables you to send automated text/email reminders to your clients, helping you cut down on no-shows by up to 40%.
  • Complimentary booth renters website. Use our ready-made templates to easily build your very own 24/7 online booking website that easily connects to your social channels – gain more appointments, grow your clientele, and increase your revenue.

Manage Money Like a Pro

As a busy salon booth renter, you know it’s essential to manage your finances and inventory well – let Daysmart Salon help you look like the pro that you are.

  • Integrated credit card processing. Accept payments at the chair and make money on the move with our free mobile chip reader and have income directly deposit into your own account – with meet or beat rates you’ll save on every swipe!
  • Expense tracking. Stop calculating transactions on the fly – Daysmart Salon will keep count of your inventory and track spending and usage so you can manage your own supplies, order in bulk, and keep costs to a minimum.
  • Payment and tax management. When you’re in a commission salon, your employer takes care of your income tax, Social Security, and Medicare payments. As a booth renter, you’re running your own business – let Daysmart Salon record your transactions and calculate your tax liabilities/totals.

Deliver a Client Experience Like No Other

Personalize services based on client history, detailed notes, and previous purchases to attract and retain more clients!

  • Detailed notes/photos. Ditch those color formulas written on paper cards – store formulas in Daysmart Salon to keep track of what they’ve previously used. Give your clients the personal touch every visit by adding customer notes with preferences, milestones, past treatments/styles.
  • Client history. With Daysmart Salon, you won’t have to remember a thing – view client’s first/last visit date, total # of visits, the total amount spent, past cancellations, no shows, upcoming appointments, previous services, purchased products, and more.
  • Keep clients coming back. Offer a loyalty program, based on your preferred points or rewards system, that’s tailor-made to fit your brand and marketing plan. Recurring clients means recurring revenue!