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Manage your salon business with style

DaySmart Salon is the business management platform of choice for savvy salon owners and managers.

Everything you need to run hair and nail salons in one place.

Online Booking

Offer online appointment booking to clients (and prospective clients)

reputation management
Reputation Management

Manage your reputation online by soliciting reviews and heading off complaints

Financial Reporting

Dashboards and extensive reports monitor your metrics to keep you in the know

QuickBooks® Sync

Syncs your transactions with QuickBooks Online®* automatically

Client Database

Track and manage detailed client data and purchase history securely, in one place

Credit Card Processing

With integrated payments, securely store card numbers and sell memberships!

Centralize and simplify. And, every day, save time with DaySmart Salon

Let technology help make running your salon something you love (again).

Our secure client database enables you to automatically stay in touch with every client, target your marketing promotions, get more reviews, and even predict purchases. Tools like personalized email campaigns and two-way texting maintain your personal connections with clients.

Stay on top of your shifting schedule from any web-enabled device. Stay up to the minute, at all times.

The key to revenue growth is consistent marketing. Build recurring campaigns that are personalized and targeted.

Mind your metrics with easy-to-read dashboards and highly-customizable reports. You can't manage what you can't measure!

Become a Master of Business Management

Invest in DaySmart Salon to increase accuracy, optimize your productivity, and use technology to help you grow.

Business management software is a must have for modern salons. If you're not using it, you can be sure your competitors are. Automate and integrate to accelerate! Don't worry. It's easy with DaySmart Salon.

Whether its Facebook, Instagram or Quickbooks Online®, integrations save you time. Invest in them.

Fewer errors, faster checkout, better rates... integrating credit card payments just makes good sense.

Pay your people with DaySmart Salon! Calculate tips automatically, provide staff with personalized reports easily.

as if every client were your only client

Personal Notes Delivered Automatically With DaySmart Salon

Upgrade the client experience with timely, personal communications.

Automate how you communicate. Send appointment reminders to reduce no shows and get clients to confirm with a reply text. Create targeted campaigns to raise revenue and increase your client base.

Automated text or email reminders can be sent whenever you want. Eliminate no-shows!

Birthday wishes or product promotions, use what you know, to inform what you say

Face it, texting is here to stay. So, centralize your client comms and free up your stylists.

Calculate Your Savings

Save time and money with DaySmart Salon

See Your Savings!

Centralize and Secure Your Data

It's time to get beyond paper & pencil and embrace technology that can transform.

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We're Here to Help.

Our US-based salon success experts can help get your questions answered and you up and running in no time.

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